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Should The Padres Fire Manager Jayce Tingler After He Chose To Defend His Former Team Over His Own Superstar?

Judging by the reactions on Twitter I think pretty much everyone agrees Fernando Tatis Jr. was nowhere in the wrong when he pissed on a 3-0 fastball down the dick and smashed a grand slam against the Rangers in a seven run ball game last night. Old school baseball has lost this one in a land slide and it's fantastic to see. 

Something I've been wondering this morning is what happens to Jayce Tingler, the manager of the San Diego Padres. I'm not sure someone has ever lost a clubhouse and fanbase as quick as he did last night when he stepped to the mic and defended the Rangers. 

Keep in mind the first pitch following Tatis' grand slam was thrown behind Manny Machado. Imagine your manager being cool with that and not losing his mind because he respects the old school out-dated rules that much? How can you have that guy be the leader of those guys for the future? Keep in mind Tingler had been in the Rangers organization as a coach from 2015 up until he was hired by the fathers. He clearly was just siding with his old guys because he's still friends with him. That's insane! Any manager in their right mind would have stormed out of the dugout and lost his fucking mind after Machado was thrown at. You need to stand up for your guys. In this day in age where analytics dominate lineup decisions, bullpen moves, etc. the manager's main job is to stand up for his players and keep everyone united in the clubhouse. Tingler did the exact opposite of that last night. 

How could any player or fan of that organization want him as the manager moving forward? I know it's wrong calling for a man's job, but I think he needs to go after that, unless he apologizes to everyone. How you don't stand up for your superstars in that spot is beyond me. What are you thinking? 

Hire Fernando Tatis Sr. as acting manager. He hit two grand slams in one inning. You'll never get a take sign on 3-0 ever again with the bases juiced. Grand slams for everyone. Let the boys play. 

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