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Bucs Star LB Lavonte David Agrees With Nick Saban that Players Are Safer Playing College Football Than Being At Home

Lavonte David is one of the best linebackers of the past decade. Don’t take my word for it; he was recently named one of the Top 100 players in the NFL. But even accolades like this aren’t enough to keep him from being SLEPT ON his entire career. This guy is a monster and he just doesn’t get the credit that other, some would argue lesser, linebackers get. He’s often considered one of the most underrated defensive player in the league.

Taylor Lewan and Will Compton (THE BOYYYYSSS) had stud linebacker Lavonte David on the most recent episode of Bussin’ With the Boys and he covered some fascinating subjects, from the art of being a linebacker to being underrated, to what Tom and Gronk are up to in camp.

The cool part of this interview is that Will and Lavonte were hunting quarterbacks across the B1G 10 back in the day as starting linebackers for Nebraska. They know each other well and it shows.

Being underrated is not a subject Lavonte likes to discuss, but as Will joked, “if anyone can get you to open about this it’s me.” Then Will asked him if he thought he was the most underrated linebacker in the league, to which David responded simply: “I do.” Will then made a proclamation that might surprise some people. He said, “I think you’re [Lavonte] the most underrated defensive player in the last decade.” 

The pair addressed the subject of distractions. David deletes his social during the football season to prevent the problems that inevitably come with spending too much time on Twitter. 

“I gotta focus bro,” Lavonte responded. “It demands 100% focus and attention. I tend to find myself just scrolling twitter or instagram instead of formations solid in my mind for gameday.”

Lavonte is having a “smooth” training camp so far, but there are barriers brought about by covid that can be a bit much. 

“Is it annoying all the protocols you have to go through?” Will asked.

David responded that it was a very comfortable environment for everybody, but conceded that “It was very annoying at first. But like anything you get used to it. You gotta understand that this is for the betterment of you and your family. I can respect it. I can appreciate it. And at the end of the day we get the chance to play football again. So I’m hyped. For now this is the new normal.”

Covid has changed everything, and it’s up to everyone -- including NFL players -- to adapt and adjust.

This pair of Cornhuskers talked about what it might feel like to lose your senior year of football to covid.

“We were just talking about the B1G10 cancelling and Huskers not being able to play ball this year,” Will said. “How do you feel we would have felt if that would have happened to us our senior year?”

David had an interesting answer:

“Going into my senior year, I would have felt pretty bad. Going into your senior year pretty much is a big year for you. This is where you seal your future on where you’re going to be in terms of as a football player. I feel for those kids but I guess everyone has to look out for their well being. I guess [schools] don’t have the right protocols to make it a safe environment for those kids. I know they want to play football but at the end of the day it’s not up to them.” 

Saban thinks that they’re safer playing football. “I think players are better off playing under my supervision,” he recently said. 

Lavonte agreed.

“Of course. They are better off being in that environment to play football then out on the streets where you can easily get in contact with the virus. Being in an environment where they are taking the right protocols and testing definitely makes you more comfortable for you and for your family.”

It’s a great interview with an almost universally underrated player. For context, our resident Bucs insider Steven Cheah told me that he thinks “Lavonte is honestly as close to a perfect football player there is. No weaknesses.” 

Check out the entire interview on the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast, linked below.