Many People Are Saying The Chef's Table Episode With Tootsie Tomanetz Is Going To Be The Single Best Episode In Television History

It's me. I am many people. And I am also very much correct. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Miss Tootsie, here's a blog I wrote a couple months ago to introduce you. 

No offense to the rest of your grandma's or anything but Tootsie is America's grandma. And if she wasn't so sweet, she'd probably beat the crap out of all your grandmas combined. This woman is an absolute machine. She works 8 days a week. Manages the fires for 25 hours a day when Snow's is open. And has been doing it for longer than any of you have been alive. And now the Legend of Tootsie is getting a more than deserved episode of Chef's Table. 

Chef's Table is a great show for the most part. It's always wild to see how much attention to detail all of these legends put in to every little aspect of the food they prepare. But if we're being totally honest here...some of their stories are just a little too much for me. I get that "everybody has a story to tell" and all of that, but some of these folks are reallllllllly telling their story. And that's just not my style. 

But Tootsie? Tootsie doesn't have time to sit around and tell stories. She has fires to tend and meat to serve. If you want to stand there with a camera and film while you ask a couple of questions, then fine. But you better not get in her way while she's working. I would go to war for this woman, and I guarantee after this episode comes out that so would you. Rodney Scott's episode will also be great but I'm sorry, there's just no competing with Tootsie. 

Sidenote: I'll be driving down to Tennessee next week to pick up an offset smoker. So if you thought that the bbq content was going to stop just because we're coming up toward the end of summer, you are dead wrong. Only getting started here, folks.