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Blackhawks Signed A Big Boy Out Of Notre Dame. Everything You Can Expect From Cam Morrison

It's game day and yet people won't stop hitting me up about Cam Morrison. Chief, who is this guy? Chief, what are your thoughts? Chief, is this kid good? I wasn't going to blog this signing, but here go. 

I like Notre Dame athletics. Notre Dame seems to have more of their games televised than any college program in the country between their games on NBC, Comcast, and the BigTen Network. I've definitely seen this kid play probably a dozen times and I actually remember his name which is a good start for a college hockey player. Big boy and plays big. If you watch his highlights included at the bottom of this blog you'll notice that the vast majority of his goals come from going to the net, bullying people out of the way, and putting home loose pucks from about 3 feet away. Love that. Looks like a decent skater once he gets going and he has a pretty good shot. That is just my eyes/memory which admittedly...aren't the best. I asked someone I trust for insight on him. Someone who knows him well. Doing my best to answer the questions for my guys

No response. But I tried because I love you guys. 

My gut tells me that Cam Morrison will be a depth forward for Rockford and probably won't see time with the Hawks in 2020-21 or quite possibly ever. One thing that he has going for him is that the Blackhawks don't really have any true power-forward types in the system. The Blackhawks need more guys willing to play some of this bully hockey that is prevalent in the West. You look at teams like Vegas and St Louis and they're all fucking monster. The Blackhawks 4th line is all under 6ft or in that general area and while guys like Highmore, Kampf, etc compete hard they're not exactly intimidating anyone out there. Maybe if Cam Morrison gets. a half step quicker out of stops, plays a strong north-south game, and engages in some rough stuff he can carve out a role in the organization. There's definitely a need for a guy like him. I like the idea of this signing. Former pretty high draft pick of the Avs who was a college free agent. He's got a chance here. There's also a chance that you never see him in Chicago.