Everybody Relax, Chris Harrison Has Returned To The Set Of 'The Bachelorette'

E Online- Chris Harrison is getting back to business. The Bachelor host has re-entered the bubble at the Palm Springs, Calif. resort where Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley are filming their season of The Bachelorette. An E! eyewitness shared an exclusive photo of the host catching up with JoJo Fletcher, who briefly filled in for Chris while he dropped his son off at college in Texas. The insider said the two met up and JoJo quickly caught the face of the franchise "up to speed" on everything he missed. "While Chris wasn't gone for long, because this season is so different and so crazy those two definitely needed a few minutes to exchange notes," the source explained. It was originally predicted that JoJo would be filling in for two-weeks while Chris completed the CDC's recommended two-week self-quarantine period. Instead, it seems he returned to set in just a matter of days.

I gotta be honest I do not understand the timeline of The Bachelorette right now. I don't have the slightest clue as to what's happening or when it's happening on that set. For instance, it was just a couple days ago that we heard about JoJo Fletcher filling in for Chris Harrison as the host of the show for two weeks because Chris Harrison had to quarantine after dropping his son off at college at TCU. But guess what? He's already back on set! Chris Harrison has triumphantly returned! So did they just test him, make sure he wasn't positive for COVID and let him back? It's gotta be. That's what I said they should've done from the start. But still, it's all very confusing.

And maybe they're doing this on purpose to confuse us? That's gotta be at least part of it. And if it's not part of it, it has become part of it because everyone is confused. Think about it. We still haven't gotten official word that Tayshia is replacing Clare as The Bachelorette. All we've gotten is a bunch of very cryptic promos of Clare dropping various items. That's it. It's honestly just madness right now if you're part of Bachelor Nation and to be honest that's how we like it. Confusion, deception, timeline inconsistencies, cryptic promos, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's what I do know though: I'm ready for the season to air ASAP. I'm ready for it right now. It's gonna be FANTASTIC television and my fingers are ready to tweet about it. This season went from everybody being like, "Mehhhhhhh can we just skip Clare's season and go right to Matt James' season?" to "THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST DRAMA-FILLED SEASON EVER!" If that was the show's intention with all this misinformation and confusion then mission 100% accomplished.

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