School Is In Session! Oklahoma State Students Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other In The Middle Of The Street

Good to see things are getting back to normal on college campuses amirite? What do you think it was? Someone looked at someone elses girlfriend? A 'my dad's a lawyer' comment gone wrong? Toxic levels of testosterone mixed with ungodly amounts of alcohol? Who knows. All I know is I'm sure that kid wishes he opted for the Zoom-only fall semester. At one point I counted eight guys on top of him. You can't even see where he went...

Poor thing. I'm sure he's fine. And from now on if you guys send in these videos, do a better job filming. Get in there. Run up to people after the fight for reactions. Be like TMZ- extract a story line and get a juicy sound bite. Don't encourage the fighting just document it. That's your job as a student journalist. K? Thanks. 

Anyway, best of luck to everyone involved in the fight. I'm sure you have a hell of a year ahead of you if that's night one.