The Soto Staredown After He Hit Another 450 Foot Bomb Is Enough To Make a Grown Man Cry


Oh my goodness gracious. 


That stare down just sent shivers down my spine. I don't know what Braves pitcher Will Smith did to Juan Soto, or if he just looked at him wrong, or if Soto was just insulted he pitched to him at all, because that stare down could be enough to ruin the rest of Smith's career. 

Soto is on his Michael Jordan shit right now where he feels disrespected every time he's at the dish and the only thing he can do is hit 450 foot bombs in response. You know in the documentary how Jordan would be like "the Pistons towel boy offered me a towel. I took it personally. I dropped 55 on them that night." That's how Soto is feeling right now. And there's nothing opposing teams can do about it. He's on another level and it's incredible to watch.

I don't want to get ahead of myself but should we be talking about a possible 21 years old MVP yet? You're right, that's not getting ahead of myself at all, it's definitely something worth talking about already. 




Fuck sake while doing this blog the Braves walked it off. That's some bad timing for ya.