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The New Tune Squad Jerseys For "Space Jam 2" Are A Two Pack Of ASS

I'm trying to give this movie a chance. I promise you I am. I love the Looney Tunes and basketball far too much to not give it a fair shake. But man oh man are they making it hard. What is this uniform, bro? What the fuck is going on here? Yeah you've got the Tunes' opening credits logo. I get that. But this looks like a Flint Tropics jersey ordered off AliExpress. What are these colors. Are they playing in South Beach? Daffy Duck didn't walk down the runway serving multiple looks in the first one for them to disrespect him in this manner. I'm upset to put it lightly, down right disturbed to overreact entirely. I'm praying all the promo has been some sort of elaborate troll solely to generate buzz but I put 1% of stock into that theory. The jersey is bad. The original uniforms were perfect. There's no need to try and reinvent the wheel. It's not like they kept redesigning the Scream mask every movie, what an unnecessary alteration. End communication. Post blog.