Russell Westbrook Crashing LeBron's Press Conference And Acting Buddy-Buddy With Him Makes Me Want To Puke My Guts Out

This is so gross. This is just so fucking gross. Russell Westbrook is supposed to be a dude that hates other people on the court. He's not supposed to be friends with people. He can do this shit off camera and back at the hotels. I don't care if the Lakers aren't playing the Rockets right now, you're talking about the title favorites. You're talking about the team you have to beat to get to the NBA Finals at some point. 

I expect this from LeBron. I expect him to call LeBron buddy and ask about Westbrook's injured quad. That's LeBron. He's going to try and be friends with everyone. He can't be the bully. It's the most annoying thing about him as a player. If he just embraced being the villain - especially when he was at Miami - he'd be actually more liked. Instead everyone knew he was doing this fake bullshit. 

Makes me puke my guts out seeing this. I need to see hatred. I need Russ to tell him to shut the fuck up and worry about his own quad. I don't want to see guys, especially two stars, be friends as we get into the playoffs. Go play cards in the hotel where no one can see.