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Gonzaga And Baylor (2 Of The Preseason Top-3 Teams) Decided To Schedule A Game THIS SEASON Because The Pac-12 Fucked Them Over

Hell yes. This is exactly what I was talking about when I start every college hoops blog about positive vibes only. Oh, the Pac-12 cancelled nonconference games and took away some of our joy? No biggie. Scott Drew and Mark Few stepped up to give us a game between two preseason top-3 teams. Nbd. Oh and the reason they did? Because of the Pac-12! Just a straight fuck you to the Pac-12 for taking away games like Gonzaga/Arizona and Baylor/Oregon. 

See that tweet by Rothstein? That's why it made no sense for the Pac-12 to cancel the nonconference in mid-August. A decision didn't have to be made on college hoops - especially if no one else was on board. If every conference came out and said, okay we're pushing shit to Jan. 1, whatever, I'd get it. But Larry Scott thinks he makes his own rules - hence the Pac-12 Network that no one ever gets to watch. 

I hope we see more of this. I know it's a 50/50 shot it happens. I still believe it'll likely be a regular season that ends up being conference only, but I want all the other conferences to pick on the Pac-12. We'll even let the Big 10 get involved and mock them for not winning a title in the 2000s. Again, we know shit is going to be different with college sports and college hoops, but there was simply no reason to make a decision when they did. 

So yeah, sign me up for Baylor/Gonzaga. Again, two preseason top-3 teams. Jared Butler, MaCio Teauge back for Baylor, Corey Kispert, Joel Ayayi back for Gonzaga. I don't know if we need a bubble or whatever to get this to happen, but we need it.