The Ravens Are Reportedly Bringing In Dez Bryant For A Workout

No. Just..... no. There's no need to go down this road. Even with what would be likely be a low-cost short term deal, I want no part of Dez Bryant. I know this is a bit of a crotchety old man yelling at cloud kinda take but the guy is a circus. What went for AB goes the same for Dez. I know their situations are not identical, but the upside is not nearly as high with Dez either.

I'm not sure people realize just how long it's been since Dez was at the top of his game. From 2012-14, the guy was a gamewrecker. 1,200+ yards and 12+ touchdowns all 3 years, and hasn't topped 1,000 or 10 TD's since. He was hurt for half of 2015, took a step back in '16 and '17, and then had that whole New Orleans episode in 2018. Which reminds me, Dez ended up with the Saints that year because he turned his nose up at Joe Flacco. Strike 3. No thanks. You missed the boat pal.

Part of the equation is the fact that the Ravens have a group of young receivers that I want to see get some shine. Hollywood, Boykin, Duvernay, and Proche all have potential to be productive receivers, and this is the league's run-heaviest offense. There's only so much to go around, and Snead is the resident veteran showing these guys the ropes. Mark Andrews and Boykins are the red zone threats, so they've got that box checked. I want to see those guys get opportunities and signing a guy like Dez sends them the wrong message that the organization doesn't believe that they can produce. The only situation where I'm board with Dez is if somebody gets hurt. And realistically it's only a fit if it's Andrews or Boykin that get hurt. Hopefully that's not a situation that comes to fruition. Until then, pass.