Luis Garcia Just Became The First Player Born in the 2000's To Hit A Major League Home Run

Do you remember collecting baseball cards as a kid? Of course you do. You'd flip the card over, and read all the stats, all his information, and always marvel that the player was born in some made up year like "1973". 


Now kids flip their cards over and see this: 


The year 2000! Good grief, Charlie Brown. Time really does keep moving, don't it? Luis Garcia just became the first player born in the 2000's (I like when people call that the "aughts", pretty cool) to hit a major league home run. For the rest of his life, no matter what, he'll always have that claim to fame. Maybe he goes on to be a Hall of Famer and they put that on his plaque in Cooperstown. Or maybe he never hits another homer ever again. But either way, being the first player born after Y2K to go yard is a hell of a brag, right up there with Happy Gilmore as the first player to take off his skate and try to stab someone.