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The SEC Schedule Is Out, Let's Play Some Ball

The SEC football schedule is usually released a year in advance in October or so on a weekday afternoon. And it's always a thing to see the cool video reveals on Twitter and what next year's schedule will look like, but I have never looked forward to a schedule reveal like the one the SEC put out Monday night.

I've tried to keep telling myself that college football isn't happening in an effort to brace myself if that becomes the case, but after seeing a full schedule of SEC football games released, I absolutely won't be able to take it if the season doesn't happen. This is what I live for.

In terms of the actual schedule, I love that all the traditional rivalries like the Iron Bowl were kept on Thanksgiving, even though it isn't the last week of the season. And even without the SEC-ACC in-state rivalries on that weekend, we'll at least have some intra-conference rivalries in their normal place.

On a Tennessee note, Florida finally has to come to Knoxville in December. Those assholes get to play the Vols every year in 100-degree heat no matter where the game is, but not this year. Pack some coats, fellas, because it isn't going to be comfortable.

man, just looking at that schedule has me smiling ear to ear. We're getting Southeastern Conference football in the fall of 2020. i will simply not accept any other outcome.

We're 40 days away from kickoff.