It Would Appear As Though Wuhan No Longer Gives A Single Fuck About Coronavirus

Source - Disturbing images have emerged showing swimmers in China’s former coronavirus epicenter crammed together for a massive pool party.

Hundreds of people can be seen packed shoulder-to-shoulder at a water park in the city of Wuhan where the killer COVID-19 pandemic began.

The photographs taken over the weekend at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park suggest the carefree swimmers have forgotten about the infection risk posed by close contact, despite living in the first place to be ravaged by the virus.

They can be seen standing cheek by jowl as they watch a performance while cooling down amid searing summer heat.

Others use inflatable rings and dinghies, but with little space to float about.

The Video: 

Listen, it has been an absolute joy not writing about coronavirus as of late. There has been enough going on that for the most part the blog has been able to steer clear. But this...?





^^This has got to be mentioned. I mean what are you doooinnngggggg Wuhan? Like seriously? You started this shit and now you're just going to start throwing waterpark bangers while the rest of the world continues to deal with it? I get that at some point you have to return to normal, but for the love of God wait until the funeral homes catch up with their backorder before you start partying. 

 In the words of Kate, "not great." And don't be a dickhead in the comments and make this political either because it's not. It's a viral video that I guarantee will become a massive news story over the next few days.

And who is this DJ? 

He looks like the villain from the first Rush Hour. I guess part of me is jealous and part of me is shocked because we're still technically (kinda) quarantining. Wild stuff. Alright, sports are on. Go watch them and let's forget about everything. 

Note: If you want to see more photos, search "WuHan pool party" on twitter and they'll come up. Same goes for videos I just didn't wanna clog the blog because a lot of them are repetitive…