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Jon Jones Says He's Vacating His UFC Championship "Until They're Willing To Negotiate" On His Pay

Oh big whoop, Jon Jones! How many times are you gonna pull this?!

For those who don't remember (or simply missed it) - this is pretty much exactly what he said a few months ago when the UFC wasn't willing to pay him what he felt he deserved for a Francis Ngannou superfight at heavyweight….

I think Jones might even get his wish when it comes to Dominck Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz being for the 205lb gold….

HELL of a matchup right there - looking forward to that one quite a bit.

Back to Jones, tho - I'm just so tired of this same ol' routine. I'm tired of my guy Conor McGregor retiring over and over again and I'm tired of Jon Jones crying about his pay, saying he's giving up his title, and then posting community leadership type links and saying he's gonna go off and be a family man (as if he's not been a complete total terror to his community over the past few years). It comes off as so phony every time and certainly doesn't help that he's played hot potato with that title for years either, relinquishing it time and time again over drug test failures or hitting pregnant women with his car and fleeing the scene or whatever.

At the end of the day, Jones isn't really as big a draw as he thinks he is, and the business he's generated for the company doesn't justify the headaches he causes, but he's still the GOAT and if he does come back at heavyweight…..

MY GOD there's some matchups I wanna see there! Hit me up when THAT happens.

UPDATE: nvm lol