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A Week After Welcoming Students Back To Campus, UNC Will Shift To Online Learning Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

Step 1: Tell students you plan on having them on campus this fall.

Step 2: Send out tuition dues.

Step 3: Have students back on campus.

Step 4: Have checks clear.

Step 5: Coronavirus outbreak.

Step 6: Send the students to Zoom University.

That's the blueprint.

This probably isn't great news for you if you're planning on living on campus this year at whatever university you attend.

I feel bad for the college students out there. I know it's 1st world problems, but this really sucks if you're in college.

Upcoming seniors have the shortest end of the stick. Junior spring and the entirety of senior year are the best times in college. Now, if this COVID-19 thing keeps going as it seems it will? They may miss out on those three semesters. Just brutal.