Leon Rose Will Represent The Knicks At The NBA Draft Lottery On Thursday Night And Win Them The Number 1 Pick

I know I said that I was #done getting excited about the Knicks as long as James Dolan was signing the checks atop the org chart at MSG. But I am not only a glutton for food but also punishment and Leon Rose has hooked my junkie ass back into this team once again. Not only because he is clearly respected around the league, hired respected guys like Thibs and Worldwide Wes to drag this franchise out of the millions of gallons of shit it has been stuck in this century, or made hires like this on the low

If you thought the Donovan Mitchell hype train was out of control four months ago, it is a straight up runaway train with no brakes after the Knicks hiring two guys from the Jazz credited with landing Mitchell and helping him become the player he is today.

Not to mention the Kenny Payne Train arriving in New York as well

I think Reags is still crying about this

I've seen all the awful front office hires during The James Dolan Era and the awful hires those awful hires made and I sincerely mean it when I say this feels different. Which is why I believe Leon Rose is finally going to flip the Knicks lottery luck and land us the number 1 pick. When it comes to lottery reps, we've gone the player route with Patrick Ewing, the fan route with Spike Lee, the coolest human alive route with Clyde Frazier, and the bumbling fool route with Steve Mills with every route resulting in a big fat L.

But maybe, just maybe going the super plugged in guy that actually knows what the fuck he is doing route could work. I'm not sure if Leon Rose has a contact at Ernst & Young that will rig the lottery for the Knicks, Worldwide Wes will do whatever the fuck he does to convince those lottery balls to break in the Knicks direction, or the Basketball Gods will be so distracted by bubble playoff games that they won't realize they should be fucking the Knicks over. Even this graphic doesn't scare me in the least since the Knicks had the worst record in the NBA last season and still fell to the third pick because of those stupid new lottery odds.

If anything, beating the Hawks in the last game of the season despite having absolutely nothing to play for should help whatever shred of karma the Knicks may have right now. I don't care how it happens or who makes it happen. But it's going to happen because Leon fucking Rose said so!