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Drunk Russian Dude Takes A Log To The Face And His Friends Can't Stop Laughing As He Passes Out


Never in my life have I seen a better example of what happens when a bunch of guys get drunk and one of their friends gets hurt.  It’s perfect.  Everyone is sort of concerned but not really.  They’re mostly just entertained.  The video has everything.  It has non-stop laughter  That guy’s friends can not stop laughing about how he took a log straight to the face and is now slipping in and out of a coma right before their very eyes.  It has bull shit remedies that aren’t going to work like pouring water on his head and slapping his neck and belly repeatedly.  Probably not the best idea when he for sure has a concussion and doesn’t know what day it is but oh well.  And it has more non-stop laughter.  That’s what happens when a guy friend gets hurt when everybody is hammered.  You laugh and laugh and try to think of every possible random cure before somebody says, “Fine, I guess we’ll go to the hospital.”  That last part didn’t happen in the video and there’s a solid chance that dude is now dead.