I Would Absolutely Fuck This Dude Up In A Knife Fight

I’ve worked at Barstool for 4 years now. If you’ve followed my work for any length of time, you’d know that my physical prowess isn’t something that I have the braggadocio of a braggart about. I eat my pie: humble. I like my rappers like I carry myself: meek.

A man with my resume doesn’t need to tout his resume. 

That being said, you start running your mouth and flashing your steel on TicTok in an effort to intimidate or cause fear amongst my friends on the internets, I will step up to the challenge of your challenge. 

So, it’s time.

To the fella waving his knife while not bearing in mind that safety is paramount: 

if you’re feeling froggy... bitch, jump.

You have one day.

Ps: your collar looks like shit. Instead of flashing iron, maybe buy one for your uniform.