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Tigers Super Prospect Casey Mize To Make His MLB Debut Wednesday Against The Sox

In a normal year, I'm not so sure this happens, but we're not in a normal year. We're in a post apocalyptic Coronavirus year and the Detroit Tigers are hanging around at 9-10 through about 1/3rd of the year in spite of their 250/1 preseason World Series odds. 

IF it were a normal year, the Tigers would regress to their true talent level, pile up losses, and you could bet your bottom dollar Mize would get the call sometime in mid-April 2021. I personally hate that it's like this, but it's better for Detroit that Mize misses a start or two in a rebuilding year so they have team control of him for 7 years than have him open the day on the 25 man and only control him for 6. Situations like this will be a major point of contention in the next CBA, but until then, dems da breaks.

But lets talk about Mize the pitcher. Simply put, he's filthy. He has a complete and total wipe out splitty that will be a put away pitch for a LONG time, so long as he stays healthy: 

And he pairs that splitty with a plus slider, a plus fastball and plus command. Here is how MLB Pipeline grades him out: 

I actually think they short change him on command. He has an easy, repeatable delivery that limits moving parts where he's going to pound strikes anytime he wants to. The keyword in the last sentence is "want" as he will finish hitters with his slider and splitty out of the zone. He is going to excel in spite of not being over the plate a ton because his shit is that filthy. He can put any pitch wherever he wants and often times that will be in the dirt. If he does fall behind in counts, he has a great fastball that he can dot I's and cross T's with. Pitchers who don't live in the zone, yet possess + command are exceptionally hard to square up. It'll be weak contact galore for him when he's not generating swings and misses, which will be quite often. 

I'm not going to lie, I'm not excited about the White Sox having to face him a bunch moving forward. Should he stay healthy, he has both the physical and mental makeup to be a front line, top of the rotation ace. Dude's electric and he has that "fuck you" attitude on top of all of it. Every pitch I've ever seen him throw is thrown with conviction. He is fearless and attacks hitters like they shit talked his mother.

As a baseball fan, he'll be appointment TV once he gets his feet wet. He reminds me of the good version of Matt Harvey with a splitter in his repertoire. All Detroit has to do is keep him healthy, which can be a tall task for pitchers who have a tendency to work off splitters like he does, but assuming health isn't a factor, his pure shit will eventually be as good as anyone in baseball. 

Dude's gonna be legit. Get used to his name because he's going to be a very good pitcher for a very long time.