Mets Ownership Update: Team J-Rod's Bid Is "Reportedly" The Favorite To Win The Mets (LOL) And The Wilpons Want To Maintain 5% Ownership But Uncle Stevie Wants To Make A 2nd Bid

OK, a few Mets ownership notes to go through from the last 24 hours. First up is Bob Nightengale reporting that the *takes deep breath* A-Rod, JLo, Viola, Repole, maybe Portnoy, Urlacher, Kelce,  Plumlee, DeMarco Murray, and whoever else A-Rod shook money out of in what I imagine was the super rich, super sexy version of The Office's dinner party.

*There is no doubt in my mind A-Rod sleeps curled up on a bench at the foot of JLo's bed*

Now usually I would freak out about a report like this because being a Mets fan has done nothing but build fear in my fragile brain. 

HOWEVAH, Bob Nightengale has a knack for being completely dead wrong on baseball news to the point Hubbs has pretty much made a cottage industry blogging about of Bad Story Bob's blunders.

So in this case, I actually feel better about Steve Cohen's chances based simply on Bob Nightengale being the person reporting that A-Rod is the clear leader in the clubhouse.

Speaking of Uncle Stevie, it sure sounds like he's not going anywhere no matter how bad the Mets' financials are.

Look, I may be a professional idiot who needs basic monetary things like how the stock market works explained to me so I can follow what the Davey Day Trader Group is doing and had trouble getting a passing grade in Accounting 101 despite it being basically just two columns that say Credits and Debits. 

But despite all that, I have to laugh at the thought of how bad the Wilpons' books must be. I'm talking numbers written backwards in crayon levels of incompetence . Uncle Stevie obviously knew this was the case because he had already agreed to buy the team from those mamalukes. These other two bidding groups had no idea they were essentially walking into an empty subway car only to realize it smelled like someone died in it, with Harris & Blitzer reportedly pretty much hitting the Ejector Seat on their bid.

Sources also tell The Post that the bidding is now basically down to Cohen and J-Rod. All remaining potential buyers got an up-close look at the Mets financial picture, which one source described as “gory.” After seeing how deep the holes are on the team’s balance sheet, the group led by private equity billionaires Josh Harris and David Blitzer has decided to offer an amount it knows to be lower than the other parties, sources say.

“They will wait to see if Cohen or A-Rod can’t get it done,” one insider said. “Those guys won’t overpay, especially now that they’ve seen what they would be getting into.”

Lets see how the notorious bargain-hunting Josh Harris likes the smell of Wilpon debt in the morning!

Luckily Steve Cohen don't scare, especially when he really wants something and does this sound like someone who is going to miss out on losing his favorite baseball team TWICE?

This isn't even about Steve Cohen's ego or a shiny toy. It's about the good of the Mets fans if not ALL OF BASEBALL.

“Steve is committed to seeing this process through for the good of baseball and Mets fans,” a source familiar with Cohen’s thinking told The Post. “He is undeterred by the misinformation being put out there.”

I honestly cannot put into words how much I love this man. This needs to be played every time Cohen enters Citi Field if he buys his favorite baseball team.

As for the people that are selling their favorite baseball team…

Page Six- Now, about the For Sale tag on the Mets. One billionaire’s ready to play ball. Two showbiz showboaters are showing off to make a show of buying the team. Plus a few others shaking their piggy banks. Comes a new development. Suddenly, an unexpected wrinkle to be ironed out. The existing owners, the Wilpons, just informed bidders they still want to play house. But — tada! — they now wish to stay limited partners. They want to remain part of the new structure. Management, no. Retain a 5 percent stake in the ownership, yes.

Bidding’s down to billionaire Steve Cohen from Great Neck, LI (likely); the duo Josh Harris and David Blitzer, who own basketball’s 76ers and hockey’s Devils (less likely); and a group of investors fronted by A-Rod and J.Lo (not a chance). J.Lo should stick to her NBC reality show “World of Dance,” which just wrapped its fourth season.

Look, we knew the Wilpons weren't going to go away easily. They are the video game boss of Mets fandom. Donkey Kong ain't got shit on Jeff Wilpon. Everything we have heard is how this franchise was their life, the pride of their family, and all that hogwash. There was no way they were just going to give it up, no matter how many dollar bills Uncle Stevie shoved in their gullet Million Dollar Man style to get them out the door. They are going to want to be a part of the Mets whether Steve Cohen is taking us to heights we can't imagine or A-Rod is bumbling them into oblivion. Would I rather get 100% of their stench off the team instead of 95%? Of course! But there is only so much damage they can do as minority owners, even though anything bad that happens to the Mets once the Wilpons sell will instantly be blamed on that 5%.

So buckle up Mets fans, we have exactly two weeks until not only Final Bid Day but also the MLB Trade Deadline and Brodie has two more top prospects he can move for a half measure fix to keep the Mets in a fraudulent playoff race in a fraudulent season.

God help us. And by God I mean Steven A. Cohen (The A stands for Angel or at least it does in my head)