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Remember This NFL Commercial?

Somehow stumbled upon this gem over the weekend and wow was I back in 2006. 

What a world it was to have Herm Edwards driving a jet and Byron Leftwich getting to be one of the first faces of NFL Network as the quarterback of the Jaguars. 

Jevon "The Freak" Kearse hosting a radio hour called "The Freak Show" is unbelievable. How they didn't delve more into that I have no idea. If he were playing today he'd definitely have his own HBO hour following LeBron's "The Shop". 

Of course I love my guy Jack Lambert opening a dental office in this fictional NFL universe. They could have thrown in Mike Singletary eye care, or Walter Payton's candy store, William Perry's old style diner called "The Fridge", Adam Jones' strip club called "PacMan's".


I could go all day with those. When you watch this it's instantly 2:00 a.m. on an early August humid night and you've just rolled over to turn the rerun of Chiefs-Seahawks preseason game 2 off when this commercial goes on. It makes you feel nice and warm inside that, yeah it is an NFL world, before you drift back to sleep. 

Happy "pads on" day for NFL training camps.