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Wake Up With Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ Sermon on the Mount Scene

According to the Monty Python crew, the inspiration for “Life of Brian” came during their publicity tour for “Holy Grail,” when Eric Idle was asked what their next movie would be and he said “Jesus Christ: Luat for Glory.” But as they started to work on a biblical  comedy, they found nothing inherently funny in anything about Jesus. His teachings are all about kindness and helping the poor, and there aren’t many laughs to be mined from that.  So instead they found the comedy in people’s reaction to religion. 

And it was a genius move. Jesus’ most icon sermon gets a bunch of people who showed up late with the worst seats in the house and can’t hear what he’s saying. True story: At my brothers wedding we were standing before the congregation while the brides sister did a reading from the sermon. And when she got to “Blessed are the peacemakers,” he and I shot each other a glance and started getting the giggles. His wife was not happy. “I saw you guys looking at each other during your stupid blessed are the cheesemakers thing!” and probably still hasn’t forgiven us. At least the meek will make out alright. They have a hell of a time. ...