Once More Unto The Breach, Hawks Need To Rattle Off Four Straight, But It Starts Tonight With One

Once more unto the breach. That's fucking Shakespeare. This is it. Last game. Last breath. Last hope. The Blackhawks new slogan has been "all for one" since the new regime came in. I never really "got it" if I am being perfectly honest, but there's never been a more fitting slogan for a team on the brink. This is about pride. This is about culture. This is about looking down the bench at guys like Toews, Kane, and Keith who have been DYING to get back to this type of competition and not letting them down. It's all for one moment, all for one more chance. All for one more game. That's what this is about. You can't win four until you win one. It starts with one. 

Human beings are capable of incredible things. I am reading(audiobook) about these guys who did this unbelievable Antarctic journey. "Schackleton's Incredible Voyage". These guys had to survive unbelievable conditions with minimal supplies and cross an island mountain range to save their own lives in the worst possible conditions against all odds. Why am I telling you this? Because people are capable of incredible things. NOBODY expects the Hawks to make this a series. Everyone expects this team to quit and exit the bubble with a whimper. Those people haven't been paying attention. The Blackhawks are not as good as Vegas. We all know that, but their efforts have been phenomenal. They're fighting and clawing to be in this series and...they fucking are. A call here, a bounce there, a shot that is just a fraction of an inch more accurate and this series is 2-1. It's a bad team but I am proud of them as a fan. I know what they're going to bring. I know that Patrick Kane is going to do whatever he can to extend it. I know Toews will battle all 200ft. I know Cal de Haan will block a shot with his face if it means the Hawks get a game 5. I know Duncan Keith will be begging the coaching staff to let him play 40 minutes tonight. They're not a championship team at the moment, but we've seen that championship resolve. I think we see it again tonight. I've packed as many cliches into this blog as I can. I've got nothing left. Let's get one. Love this team, love all of you. #JoinOrDie