It Would Be Ideal If The Phillies Could Play The Mets Every Game Of Every Seaon

SWEEP!  Just when you think the Phillies are out after getting swept by the Orioles, the Mets pull them back in.  Amazing.  Three straight 6 run games with two solid outings by Nola and Wheeler contributed to the sweepage, even though actual, real life stuff like THIS happened in the same series:

Still, things are looking...OK.  I mean, the bullpen didn't even give up any runs today for the first time all eternity!  Huzzah!  Not to mention this lineup is acting like who they thought we were (powerless Rhys and Scott Kingrey WTF is going on even though he had 2 hits today upping his average to a cool .128, notwithstanding). Didi is on a 7-game hitting streak.  JT Realmuto is putting up some MVP contention numbers before he gets PAID.  And Bryce Harper is performing better so far this season than during his actual MVP year.  I mean, the dude has a freaking 1.166 OPS.  

Bring on the Red Sox and let's make this shit interesting.  RING IT!  

PS - Myself and WSD are live in Verdansk talking shop/baseball now, come thru.  

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