Dogs Always Have The Right Of Way No Matter What

Death and taxes. The customer is always right. Dogs always have the right of way. Those are the universal truths that we must live by to make sure society doesn't break down entirely. Yes the world has seemingly gone to complete shit over the last 5 months but that doesn't mean we should abandon all societal norms. In fact, those are currently the only things reminding us that we're living in a society at all. Without those we are truly lost. That video right there is a perfect example. That lady walks her dog through that golf course every Sunday morning and no PGA Tour event is going to mess up her routine and, more importantly, no PGA Tour event is going to mess up her dog's routine. That dog doesn't give a shit about FedEX points or the playoffs coming up or world rankings or any of that meaningless shit. All that dog cares about is getting a little bit of exercise and a little bit of fresh air and calling it a day. 

PS- That dog is walking that lady, not the other way around.