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Weekend Playlist - TRL Era Rap Part 1

Apologies for this being two days late. Donnie came to town and put an absolute beat down on WSD and I on the water Friday. Been mentally and physically shot since. No excuse though, won't happen again. (The video is going to be fantastic though.)

Here's this Week's Weekend Playlist. TRL Era Rap. More apologies in advance if these are out of alphabetical order or their copyright's fall a few years before or after "TRL Era", or whatever other felony I commit putting together this list. I'm trying. Also, this is part 1 of like 4. So don't get mad if you don't see a no brainer on here. You never wanna blow your load all on one list. Gotta spread it out.

If you like the list throw it a like on Spotify and check out the others from weeks past -