Kevin Kisner Dunked On Everyone Who Thinks Golfers Aren't Athletes

There's long been a debate in sports about whether or not golfers should be considered professional athletes. People say, how can golfers be considered athletes in a sport that old people play after the retire? How can golfers be lumped in with basketball players and football players and baseball players? Well our guy Kevin Kisner is here to finally put that debate to rest with his athletic putting warm up. Does Kiz not look like an athlete to you in that video? That's what I thought. Power, precision, poise, balance, athlete. Those are the things radiating off Kevin Kiser as he warmed up for his round at the Wyndham. in his moon shoes. If that doesn't scream athlete then I don't know what does. So the next time you're drunk in a bar with your pals (the year is likely 2024) and you're yelling at each other about whether or not golfers should be considered athletes, pull up this blog and drop the mic.