Tuukka Rask Has Opted Out Of The 2020 Season And Is Leaving The Bubble

Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask has opted out of the 2020 season and will leave the bubble immediately to be with his family. Honestly, I think I can speak for not only all Bruins fans, but all hockey fans, when I say this is the absolute last thing I expected to wake up to this morning. Rattled would be an understand. Less than two hours before a huge playoff game nonetheless as well. This comes just two days after Rask received tons of criticism for his comments about the atmosphere of the playoff games.

As someone who has been a Tuukka defender his entire stint in Boston, this is a major blow. This one hurts. I think every Tuukka hater is licking their chops right now too. Can only imagine the hysterical laugh Michael Felger let out when he heard this news. And he isn't the only one who will probably be glad to see this. Tuukka has gotten tons of hate in Boston over the years and I'm sure this isn't going to make it any better.

Rask is a MAJOR part of this Bruins team too. Buddy was a god damn Vezina nominee. This isn’t an easy loss for the B’s. Luckily Halak is one of the best backups in the NHL, so it’s not like they need to throw RA in there. But still, a major loss for the Bruins and a decision you need to respect due to crazy times, but also a decision that BLOWS to hear for B's fans.