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Holy Shit, Tuukka Rask Has Opted Out And Is Leaving The Bubble

Big news before puck drop as Tuukka Rask has opted out of the playoffs and is heading home to be with his family. My first reaction was uh holy fucking shit, but if Tuukka needs to be with his family then he needs to be with his family. His postgame comments the other night indicated he wasn't happy with the environment he was in, and his head wasn't in the game. I brushed it off as Tuukka being Tuukka, but goalies are a different breed. I respect his decision, but man does it hurt the B's chances to win the Stanley Cup. Would be less painful if he had opted out prior to the restart, because right now in the midst of a playoff round it feels like he just up and quit on the team. Something has to be up. I'm rattled. 

In Jaro We Trust.

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Don Sweeney is speaking the media now and says Tuukka Rask has left the bubble to be with his family.