Aaron Judge Is Headed To The I.L With a Strained Calf

And there it is. Three days ago Aaron Boone told us Aaron Judge was fine. Two games later he’s headed to the injured list with a strained calf. Unfuckingreal. I’m just sad, man. I just want him healthy and mashing baseballs the way he was. This fucking blows. 

And right on cue just after making the announcement there was Boone again getting everyone’s hopes up. Stop talking out of your fucking ass dude. You said on Wednesday you hoped Judge would be in the lineup Friday. Stop saying shit you have no idea about.  

Now the Yankees will be without Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton for the next few weeks. Just brutal. They’ll be fine because of their depth, but I’m just bummed out I can’t see them mash. Judge was on a fucking tear and his season will be shortened cause of this shit. 

This continues to grow into the biggest opportunity of Clint Frazier’s career. As much as I’m sad about Judge, I’m just as excited for Clint to get these at bats and finally make a difference. Get hot stay hot kid.