RA's Gambling Corner: Two Unders Please

A bone and a coffee and the picks arrived...

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I know playing the UND is never sexy but think of it as the opposite of Puck Line Jesus---still thrilling, just in a different way.

So we on UND 5.5 in both ARIZ/COLO and MON/PHI

I don't see whoever starts for the Avs giving up more than a goal or two. And Darcy Kuemper was only reason the Yotes were able to rope-a-dope for as long as they did in Game 1. COLO puck line (+130) is meh payout and a drop from Game 1's +150.

Hart vs. Price. If you can find a 5.5, jump on it. But it might be 5 (+120) which I'd still take. This is some Jedi Master/Apprentice shit going on.

Hand up on yesterday's VGK -1 play. I inadverently omitted REG ONLY and actually thought I'd won til I checked in. Mea culpa.

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