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Let the Games Begin: Big Brother Week 1 Power Rankings

Week 1 of Big Brother All-Stars is in the books. It was a fun week in the house, and the gameplay has already begun. There are already plenty of alliances going around, but here is a brief recap of what went down:

HoH: Cody

Pre-Veto Noms: Keesha and Kevin

Veto: Enzo

Post-Veto Noms: Keesha and Kevin

Evicted: Keesha (13-0 vote)

And now, it's time for the debut of our Power Rankings. Keep in mind that these reflect who I think has the best chance of winning the game at the end. It is not just based off what we've seen so far, but more on how I think each houseguest is positioned to win the game when the season is all set and done.

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15. David - I think the only time we saw David in the Diary Room this week was to cast his (first ever) vote. I don't necessarily think he'll be a target for a little bit, but we haven't seen anything from him strategically yet at this point.

14. Christmas - Don't expect her to be a target in the near future, but she didn't make any headlines with some of the established alliances we've already seen. I wouldn't be surprised to see her try and team up with some other new schoolers moving forward.

13. Janelle - She survived the week thanks to being the plus one in the Safety Suite, but it was obvious that she most likely would have been on the block if it weren't for that. The fans may love her, but the other houseguests are aware of how powerful of a player she is. That target isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

12. Kaysar - Similar to Janelle, Kaysar is an old school player that came into the house with a target on his back immediately. He did emerge victorious in the Safety Suite comp, but if the "Old School" players continue to become targets, he'll have to keep on winning to stay off the radar.

11. Kevin - We have our first vote survivor of the season right here, and in convincing fashion. The 13-0 vote had to be great for Kevin's confidence. And on top of that, he has an "outsiders" alliance with Nicole A. It may be best for him to lay low this week.

10. Nicole F. - This is the first time that we're ever seeing her play without a showmance partner. Nicole seems to be all over the place with offering alliances, but none of the players she has been talking to seem to be all in with her.

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9. Nicole A. - This Nicole seems like she will not rub anybody throughout the course of the game. That is good news for her, but aside from her pact with Kevin, she doesn't have enough clear allies at this point. Of course, it's early, so a lot can change.

8. Ian - Good luck finding someone who dislikes Ian. He seems to be off to a solid start in the house, but as one of two winners among this year's cast, I feel like he will always be on someone's radar throughout the course of the game. His smart brain will most likely sense that, though.

7. Memphis - We really didn't hear much from Memphis this week, which leaves him winning HoH with a lot up in the air. Will he target fellow Old Schoolers to ensure that further waves aren't created in the house? Or will he really lock in with his alliance with Cody and make decisions together? His nominations this week will be interesting.

6. Dani - I was a bit surprised to see her align with a lot of the new school players early on, but she seems to have positioned herself well from a social perspective. She seems to be tight with Nicole F. so far, so I'm sure we'll find out how much they truly trust each other in the coming episodes. 

5. Bayleigh - At the start of the season, there were some who questioned whether Bayleigh deserved to be on an All-Stars season. But you can't question that she is off to a great start. She is really tight with Da'Vonne, and I don't see their loyalty going anywhere. The Final Four deal with the two of them, Cody, and Enzo is something I could see lasting for a long time. 

4. Da'Vonne - Having a clear, top ally is something that you can't overlook in this game, which is why her pair with Bayleigh is very important to have. We'll see how loyal she is to that aforementioned four person alliance moving forward.

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3. Cody - As the first HoH of the season, you don't want to get a lot of blood on your hands. Cody did a very good job of that. There were some question marks entering the game on how he would do without Derrick in the game, but he found his guy with Enzo and seems to be in a solid spot after a week of play.

2. Tyler - We are seeing a very similar game to the one Tyler played just two years ago. He is getting along with pretty much everybody, will be a comp beast, and has already made plenty of deals. He just needs to make sure he isn't in on too many deals, which may have led to his downfall in not receiving enough jury votes back in 2018.

1. Enzo - The Meow Meow takes our top spot in the debut of this year's rankings. He is in an exceptional position in the social game, and shushed the "he sucks at comps" haters early on after picking up the first Power of Veto of the season. Everybody wants to work with Enzo and he does not seem to be on anybody's radar. 

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Disclaimer: Keep in mind these Big Brother blogs will ALWAYS be spoiler-free. I realize a lot of you watch the feeds and like to know winners/noms before the episodes air, but I won't give away any of that on here.

See you next week.