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Mark Emmert Says Bubbles For College Hoops Is 'Doable', The Big 10 Is 'Exploring A Bubble-Like Idea' ... So What The Hell Are We Waiting For?

This is sounding more and more like the plan for the college hoops season. But my question is what the hell are we waiting for? The Pac-12 already kinda fucked a bunch of people over by saying they aren't playing until Jan. 1 and cancelling all nonconference games. That puts the entire sport immediately in a spot to make a decision soon. I know Dan Gavitt said the plan is to make a decision by mid-September in regards to the season, but in order to save the season they need to start coming up with the plan now. 

I will say this. It sounds like goddamn music to my ears that everyone from Emmert to Gavitt to major coaches to AD's are all talking about how they NEED to have an NCAA Tournament. Everyone is talking about making plans and adjustments so no matter what we're getting a 2021 NCAA Tournament. It's also, well, all based around money. The NCAA needs the Tournament to happen because of how much of a cash cow it is. We saw how many sports across the country got cut because of 1 Tournament being cancelled. You lose it back to back years and go ahead and plan on not ever really watching college sports again. 

But the main point is college hoops needs someone (Dan Gavitt, since they refuse to acknowledge me) to take over entire control of the sport. Sit there and say, okay here's the schedule. Conference only, we start the season on x date and we're all playing a round robin within your conference. The conference will decide before the season starts if they are going to send their regular season champ as the auto bid or play a conference tournament. Then the NCAA Tournament WILL BE a true bubble. You can get away with that for the NCAA Tournament vs the entire season based on how amateurism rules are currently written. Put everyone in Indianapolis, let them play. It might not be the normal schedule for the NCAA Tournament, but we get a NCAA Tournament. 

All I know is we need to save college hoops. It deserves all our attention. College football is already screwed a bit. College hoops is here to be saved. Get everyone on the same page, come up with a plan, say the plan and go with it. For the love of God, please do this.