Damian Lillard Reminded Everyone Once Again That He's A Goddamn Problem

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Holy shit what a basketball game. Am I the only one whose heart is racing right now? I don't even care about either the Blazers or the Nets and that was stressful as hell. A do or die game for Dame and the Blazers, the entire basketball world rooting for them to keep going and potentially give us a Dame vs LeBron playoff series. This is what the NBA season is all about. Only fitting that they were playing the Nets too, a team that came into the bubble and played hard as shit. But in the end Dame Dollar would not be denied. With the Blazers down 7 entering the fourth and their season on the line, it was Dame Time

What an outrageous shot that was. To have the balls to attempt that shot is a level of confidence I'll never know. For almost anyone else in the league that's a bad shot. For Dame it's light work. How's this for a little three game run: 51, 61, 42. Not a bad run for a team that needed every point. I don't know a more terrifying player in the bubble right now. He has to be the Bubble MVP at this point I think that goes without saying. 

Now just take care of a beat up Grizzlies team and bring on the Lakers. Dame is on a mission and nothing is getting in this man's way. Not even horrendous team defense and even worse rebounding. What a game.