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Wake Up With Frank Thomas Homering While Breaking His Bat

Growing up I was a HUGE Frank Thomas guy, probably because I played the shit out of "Big Hurt Baseball" on Gameboy, but also because the guy was a hell of a baseball player. Career was capped off in 2014 with a HOF trip, and rightfully so. Over 500 bombs, career .301 hitter, 1,704 RBIS, a whopping 32 stolen bases, a batting title, 5 time All Star, and a 2 time MVP. Thats a career right there. He was also mentioned as a possible steroid guy just because of his size. Can't prove anything so I say he's clean. Guy hit tanks, just absolute monster bombs. Even was strong enough to break his bat and still hit it out. Sawed himself off and had the pure strength to drive it over the wall. God, he was good. He also is one of the 7th Inning Program bosses in MLB The Show so you already know I'm pumped to get that card. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.