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You Know The Cubs Are Kicking Everyone's Ass When The Team Is Taking BP In A Barstool Sports Exclusive T-Shirt

Alexa Enhance

Not much of an enhance there but whatever.  The Cubs have been saying this all season and it's really starting to catch on now that they're 12-3 and fucking up the rest of Major League Baseball:

When you're at the top of everybody's standings, you can do what you want. Like turning Cubs' hitting coach and shit-eating-grin enthusiast Anthony Iapoce into a cartoon character and then having him blast the magic school bus down your goddamn throat. 

Somewhere Ms. Frizzle is getting real horned up with our charismatic and innovative hitting coach.

That's the kind of momentum we're dealing with on the northside. We got 2-dozen major league baseball players walking around in Barstool Sports Merchandise ready to absolutely murder the Milwaukee Brewers. If it's good enough for them then please explain to me why you're still reading this blog and not getting on the bus with them? Go buy the shirt. Join the movement:

h/t Eric Magee for the design