Florida Man Lived in Stadium Suite for Two Weeks Before Anyone Found Him

St. Petersburg's Al lang Stadium has been home to the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and a handful of other sports teams throughout the years — and for the past couple weeks, it was home to one Florida Man.

Daniel Neja was arrested earlier this week when a cleaning crew entered a luxury suite at the stadium and found he had been living there for some time. Video footage later showed he had been in the stadium since July 26.

Tampa Bay Times — Stadium security reviewed surveillance video and found that Neja had been entering the merchandise store and food area. He was wearing Rowdies clothing and eating the food that he had found, Fernandez said.

Two weeks is apparently not long enough to establish squatter's rights in the state of Florida, but Neja should be able to work something out with the Tampa Bay Rowdies — the current minor league soccer team which occupies the stadium. I mean, how could someone else ever prove themselves a bigger fan of the team than this guy? He's already got all the merch.

The best publicity this team could ever get is to let this guy live in the stadium forever and become the official team superfan. Unfortunately for Neja, he's in the Pinellas County Jail on charges of burglary and resisting an officer until that happens.