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NEIGHBOR WAR: Some Dude Started Leaf Blowing At 7am So Musician Steve Lukather Answered Back By Blasting His Electric Guitar At The Break of Dawn

Neighbor wars are a phenomenon that really get me going. A few months ago we had Machine Gun Kelly and his neighbor feuding over parties and loud music the musician was making. That situation unfortunately ended in a civl manner with the two sides seemingly coming together and becoming friends. BOOOOOO! This new battle we have here appears to have only one ending: death

One person in Hollywood decided to hire some gardeners to do some work at 7 in the morning. Complete asshole move. Leaf blowers just going nuts at the break of dawn are you kidding me? We live in a society. So did one neighbor take this...

THAT IS AWESOME. What's even better is that this guy's neighbor just so happens to be Steve Lukather the famous guitarist from the band Toto. If you're not familiar, the songs Africa and Hold the Line are from this man's guitar. This is one of the last people you want to get into a neighbor war with. Guy probably has all of the amps possibly just sitting in his garage waiting for this moment. Motherfucker thought he could get away with leaf blowers before the sun comes up? Get ready to never sleep ever again pal. You've awakened a vengeful monster. 

I will say he could have just played a bunch of random cords to be a true asshole, but instead opted to do an actual guitar solo and shred the fuck out of the guitar. Despite the noise, you have to appreciate that kind of consideration. 

The real losers here? Everyone in the neighborhood who do not live in these homes. Imagine just being a third party and witnessing this war unfold. Guitars vs. leaf blowers non stop. No one gets any sleep. I wouldn't be surprised if this neighborhood ends up all killing themselves. You either have to move away or resort to murder. There's no other option. 

P.S. I love how his dog just goes on with his business while he shreds on the guitar. Not a care in the world for what's going on. Dogs are the best.