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10 Years Ago Today Afrojack Dropped "Take Over Control"

10 years ago might as well have been 100. 

Man how times have changed.

First off, remember concerts and festivals?

This song is pretty tough to listen to today, but back in the daily holy moly. This used to get the kids in a frenzy. It was a major major staple in our Blackout shows. What were Blackout shows? For the Stoolies that don't have hair on their nuts yet or just jumped aboard the ship watch this dazzling documentary put together by the talented Dana B and Gaz.

Wild times.

Devlin or Gaz used the track for one of the epic recap videos from one of the schools we did. I spent 5 minutes searching for it amongst the long list and started getting 'nam type flashbacks. Now I'm curled up in the fetal position in a corner thinking back to sleeping in La Quinta Inn's and a strict diet Burger King and Jaegermeister. Good times. 

But back to Afrojack. 

That guy had the world by the fuckin balls 10 years ago. Was the biggest name in electronic music for a hot minute. Since then? Not so much. 

But take over control will always be in the pantheon of the 2010's electro house/EDM bangers. 

Shameless plug of the Blackout Mixtapes -