The Nats Recall Seth Romero, The Bad Boy Has Arrived



At long last, Seth Romero has arrived. The 2017 first round pick has done it all- kicked off his college team twice for weed and fighting, and then in 2018 he was sent home from Spring Training,



before missing all of 2019 after having Tommy John surgery.

But now, at long last, our prodigal son has made it to the big leagues. The Nats are in dire need of pitching. Dire. The bullpen has been awful, and now Doolittle is gone for 10 days with a knee injury aka to figure it out. And hopefully he does just that, as he was expected to be an integral part of the bullpen once again, but instead has been consistently dreadful. 

I can't wait to see Seth Romero heaving up there. Davey has full faith in him:


MASN - "He’s been throwing the ball well in our camp. We want to see what he does. We know he had Tommy John surgery, so we are trying to build up his innings, but yet here’s a kid that has been throwing strikes, that has three really good pitches. He looks fearless. Every time I see him, he’s very calm on the mound. So we will see how this all plays out. I like him. If he continues to progress the way he is, he’s going to be a big part of our future and it could be soon."

This is where the season turns around. I feel it in my plums.