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A Bunch Of College Hoops Coaches, AD's And Commissioners (And A Blogger) Reportedly Have No Idea Why The Pac-12 Cancelled Games

Well, this is pretty telling of what people think about Larry Scott. Actually, let me correct myself. This tweet from Goodman for sure is the telling one: 

Larry Scott thinking he's smarter than everyone else is just so, so on brand for Larry Scott. Remember, this is a guy that doesn't even have his conference network on televisions across the country. It's actually harder to watch Pac-12 games than it is easier. Shit, I can watch more low-major college hoops games with ease compared to Pac-12 games. That's Larry Scott. 

But the fact is no one has any idea why the fuck the Pac-12 cancelled college hoops games until Jan. 1 on August 11. You can listen to Dan Gavitt - the Sr. VP in the NCAA and essentially oversees everything with college hoops - and he's saying you don't need to make a decision until mid-September. That's a whole month away. 

Again, I'm going to repeat this again because it makes too much sense. Why are we not looking at starting the season during Thanksgiving break. The majority of colleges across the country and sending kids home from Thanksgiving until the start of the second semester. That gives you way more time in a de facto bubble on campus - which is currently working - to play more games. That should have always been option 1 with Jan. 1 being option 2. We're seeing testing across the country with college athletes on campus over the summer, so you can keep doing that and the travel is just with the team so it's possible. You also don't have to worry about fans. 

Leave it to Larry Scott though to fuck it all up and everyone have no idea what he's doing. We need to get at least the major conferences on the same page. That should have always been the goal with college football and college hoops. Instead everyone is complaining about Larry Scott. Then again, there's a reason the Pac-12 hasn't won a title since 1997.