What Does Tiger Woods Do To Kill Time On His Private Jet? He Plays Call Of Duty


I'm serious. You wanna get the most viewers since Coach Duggs? Someone get Tiger Woods a streaming camera and let the viewers roll in by the MILLIONS. Millions upon millions of people would watch Tiger play Call of Duty. Tiger playing COD on his private jet would actually break the internet. Tiger's love of COD is no secret, we've known this fact about him for awhile, so you gotta imagine he's sick, right? The way he makes it sound is that he's playing COD whenever he's not doing golf stuff. When it's all said and done for Tiger in the world of golf he might hop right into being a professional gamer and instantly becoming the biggest esports celebrity in the world. Fuck the senior tour.

By the way what do you think Tiger's game tag is? If our experience with booking guests for Fore Play is any indication, it's probably something super obvious like tigerwoods1975 or something. The best place to hide on Xbox for a guy like Tiger is out in the open. Imagine playing with a guy with the gamer tag tigerwoods1975. There's no way you think that's the actual Tiger Woods so it's the perfect hiding place for him. Or maybe it's something like juckfack19. That's what I hope it is anyway.