I Made The Ultimate Early 2000s Angsty Alternative Playlist

I saw the drama surrounding my coworker Steven Cheah's Lawn Mowing Jams playlist. I saw the critiques, the complaints, the roasts and the shames. I saw it all. Playlists are a fickle beast, since everyone's tastes are different. For this reason, I decided to crowdsource, via my Twitter following, suggested jams to be added to this playlist of mine.

It currently sits at 60 songs, but this is a collaboration between us all and I hope to grow the playlist well beyond the current size it is now. Do I think I absolutely crushed it? Yes, of course. Is there room for improvements? Hidden gems, diamonds in the rough, clandestine tunes that may not even be on my radar? I'm sure of it. If you have any suggestions, the comments are open. If you do not, you're very welcome for providing you with a playlist catering to the upset, emo, angry 14-year-old which still, whether you want to admit it or not, exists inside of all of us.