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UMass Football Means More Than Life To Some People

"You know, my dad passed away in 2008, my biological mom OD'd in 2012. And to be honest with you, this is probably a tougher day than both of those." - Walt Bell, leader of men, football coach, via The Athletic, upon answering a question about canceling the college football season due to uncontrolled spread of COVID-19.

I have little to no doubts that UMass Football is on the rise. If they were a stock they'd be Apple in the early-80s. You should be buying that shit up left and right. To not buy in on UMass Minutemen Football as long as Walt Bell is at the helm would be doing yourself a great disservice because it's clear as day this man is the epitome of a Football Guy. Parents die all the time. The collegiate football season has never once been canceled. Well maybe it has but I'm too jacked up off this quote to operate Google at this moment in time. 

If you think there's anyone working harder at developing a vaccine than Walt Bell, just so he can have UMass Minuteman Football back in time for the Autumnal months, you don't know the first thing about college football coaches. They cease to exist when there is no college football. So I've got some bad news for you, novel coronavirus, Walt Bell - THE Walt Bell - head coach of the Flagship University of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is coming for that ass!!! Because he and I will be DAMNED if you think you can take away the 2020 NCAA Football season away from us without a goddamn fight!