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Zack Greinke Told The Giants His Signs From The Mound Then Proceeded To Beat Them 5-1

I'm going to blog something positive about the Astros if that's ok with everyone here. Not the Astros as a whole, but Zack Greinke specifically. Can't have your signs stolen if you put them out on your windowsill like a cooling pie in a cartoon for the whole neighborhood to get a good whiff of. It's not as if he was calling out pitch by pitch like some sociopathic pitchers throughout the years have done, but it's still a strong move. "Go ahead, get to second base, see if I care. I'll say the 'F' word I don't give a friggin heck, pal." I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Greinke after how publicly he dealt with his anxiety as a young pitcher in Kansas City to his eventual rise as one of the game's great pitchers. Plus, he doesn't like the Yankees or their fans in the slightest so if you ask this journalist I'd argue he's damn near perfect. If anyone is going to bring the Astros back into any sort of favor with the general public it's going to be Greinke doing shit like this and probably only Greinke doing shit like this. Jose Altuve himself could come up with the vaccine for COVID-19 and we'd probably say he stole it from Max Muncy. It can only be Greinke.