Of Course Jon Stewart Compared Anti-Islamic Shit Stirrers To Philly Fans

We got this sent in no less than a billion times today. Get it? Cause Philadelphia fans are awful. We won’t hesitate to find “an excuse to punch a stranger in the face and pour beer on someone’s baby.” Hardy har har. Not too sure if it’s the same as intentionally provoking hate groups in a game of chicken to murder you to prove your point, but I guess it’s close. For as much as I like and respect Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, this shit is as played out as the “Zero Superbowls” or the last 9 seasons of The Walking Dead. If you’re gonna go back to ol’ faithful of Philly bashing for literally NO REASON other than making a cheap joke, at least make it a little more creative, Leibowitz. You’re better than that.