I Am Now The Biggest Bruce Buffer Fan In The World

Well this is pretty sweet! Never in a million years would I think Bruce Buffer would be reading one of my tweets for a celebrity reads funny tweets segment, but here we are!

I saw this video because I was tagged on Twitter and instantly thought it was some spam account, but nope! The greatest ring announcer in UFC, hell, one of the greatest announcers in sports appreciated my idea of waking up to him every morning. You either start your day with a heart attack or start your day by running 2 miles around the neighborhood after hearing the legend scream from the top of his lungs "IT'S.........TIMMMMEEEEEE!" From what Bruce was saying, there seems to be a Bruce Buffer alarm clock/app coming soon! I expect 1% equity from whatever company creates it, or at least a free download link of the alarm clock.

Bruce is an absolute legend. His famous 'Buffer 180' spin, the story about how he never met his half-brother Michael Buffer until the age of 30, the fact that he probably plows whatever chick he wants everyday, Bruce is as fascinating as they come. It's been said many times in the comments but it truly will be a sad day when he retires. Until then, IT'S...........TIMMMMMMEEEEE to relieve Bruce Buffer hitting the 'Buffer 720' at UFC 100. Was it as good as Tony Hawk's 900? I'll let you be the judge.