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I'm Ready


Boy am I ready. Real playoffs. Not fake round robin shit. Games that matter. And against Frankie Borrelli and his scumbag Islanders, no less! To think we were worried the playoffs "wouldn't feel the same" without fans. The first two days these games have felt as real and as passionate as every other year. I've had several heart attacks watching the games, and the Caps haven't even taken the ice yet. This is that annual feeling deep in the pit of your stomach where you get ready to feel the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Where you don't breathe for minutes at a time. It's so fucking stressful, but oh so worth it when you win the Cup.

So I'm ready. Caps vs Isles. Caps vs Trotz. Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson vs The World. And then that maniac Frankie tossed into the mix. I'm so ready to drink his tears. 

Our Year, again.