For Everyone That Doesn't Know/Remember Exactly How Good Deion Sanders Was

Deion Sanders is arguably the greatest athlete of all-time. WhiteSox Dave broke down his baseball career well in his blog, but I'm not sure everyone remembers exactly how elite Deion was in the NFL. Here are a few reminders:

This is the NFL Top 100 of all-time, not a specific year:

The term 'Lock Down Corner' is overused, but it was very appropriate for Primetime. He is a Hall of Famer, 2x Super Bowl Champion, made 9 consecutive 1st Team All-Pro as a Cornerback (1991-99) and also made All-Pro as a kick and punt returner in separate seasons, he also made eight Pro Bowls and was the 1994 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Here is a cool breakdown of his battles with the #1 player on that All-Time list, Jerry Rice:

Post-career he's also been huge in the media and helped grow NFL Network over the past 14 years. When it came out he was leaving Adam Schefter tweeted about it.

And now he's joining Barstool Sports. Unbelievable. I can't wait to see him cover the NFL and get his takes out on all sports and matters like only Primetime can. Welcome aboard Deion!